Loch Dhu, means "Black Lake" in Gaelic, it is an extraordinary single malt scotch. Only crafted for a few short years in the mid 1990s this amazing “black velvet” quickly acquired a cult following and unopened bottles are becoming increasingly difficult to find with prices rising fast. Loch Dhu was distilled in the Mannochmore distillery, which lies in the heart of Scotland's "Speyside" region. There has been a distillery on this site going back to 1876. It takes its water from the Bardon Burn high up on Mannochmore hills.

The unique Loch Dhu taste and appearance was created by aging the whisky in special, double-charred oak casks. Charring the casks twice enhances Loch Dhu's distinct black colour, and its smooth, slightly sweet flavour. Look for a slightly smoky nose with clean layered aromas of sweet malts and notes of ripe fruit and honey. The whisky has a dry, balanced and complex finish.

Luch Dhu Whisky

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